Tiles That Look Like Hardwood?

kithcen wood look.jpg

Wood - look tiles can be porcelain or ceramic and are designed to mimic the appearance of hardwood, including wood grain, finish and plank size. 

The use of tiles over hardwood is beneficial in a number of ways, and it is now possible to attain these benefits while keeping the style, warmth and elegance of a hardwood floor. 

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Tiles are much more durable. They are less prone to the scratches, scrapes and gouges, especially in a home with children, pets and high-heeled shoes. 


Water - Resistant

Tiles are the best option for damp areas such as bathrooms, kitchens, mud rooms, basements and entryways. They do not warp and expand with moisture as hardwood does, but with wood-like tiles you can maintain the cozy look of hardwood. 


Easy To Clean

Messes and spills can be washed or wiped with soap and water, no special hardwood cleaners are required. They are also less likely to stain. 

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Create a unique look with the variety of grout colours available, or use minimum grout joint sizes to maintain a more authentic wood look an reduce overall maintenance.



Tiles last longer than hardwood and can increase your home’s resale value.


With the numerous tile options available, there is something for every budget. Less maintenance and damage and increased endurance means less cost in the long run. 



With the availability of underfloor heating systems, the issue of cold tiles is not longer relevant 

Wood-look tiles are a durable, stylish option that expand the possibilities of your home’s look, feel and functionality.