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Scott Duncan

Scott founded Proco Management in 1997. It is a full project management company providing design, architecture and renovation services for large-scale commercial projects, including offices, hospitality and retail.

Matt Duncan

Matt is the Vice President of Proco Management, as well as the Co-Founder of Marquis Estates together with Scott. He is the first point of contact for new clients. He can be found generating quotes and searching for potential projects.

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Jeff Duncan

Jeff is part of the Proco Management team. He is responsible for amassing talent and planning all commercial projects.

Chris Mccrea

Chris can be found at our residential job sites overseeing our many site supervisors to ensure our clients’ visions come to life as planned. He is responsible for assembling the perfect team for each project.

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Sabrina Colosimo

Sabrina works with clients to create a space that fits their personalty and lifestyle. This includes sourcing products and design ideation. Sabrina is also behind the scenes on our social media platforms sharing our recent projects as well as design and renovation trends and ideas.