Bathroom Therapy

Transform your bathroom into an oasis of healing and relaxation through heat, light, sound, smell and massage



Tubs with heat zones, such as those that include Bain Ultra’s WarmTouchShell technology transmit and circulate heat to specific areas of the body to promote healing and total relaxation. 

Once you emerge from the tub, continue your thermotherapy by stepping onto a floor heated with underfloor heating to remove the chill of tiles, and wrap yourself in a towel heated with a towel warmer.

It can’t get much cozier.



Placing candles and essential oil diffusers throughout the bathroom can affect our psychological well-being in a number of positive ways, including reducing stress and anxiety. 

This can also be achieved with an integrated solution, such as BainUltra’s AromaCloud. It disperses a mist of water and essential oils and affixes directly to the tub deck.

The inclusion of plants and flowers in the bathroom can also contribute to scent, air quality and aesthetics.

illuzio 2.jpg


The colour and brightness of lights in the bathroom, or even  in the tub or shower itself can energize or calm your senses, or even regulate the production of serotonin and melatonin.

BainUltra’s Vedana is essentially a lightbox that can be installed anywhere in your bathroom, even directly in the shower, to alter mood and regulate circadian rhythm. 

Bathtubs, such as Kohler’s Underscore tub or BainUltra’s Illuzio tub include integrated LED lights for mood altering colour.

A similar chromatherapy effect can also be achieved with Smart LED colour-changing bulbs that can be controlled through your phone or Google Home. You can even created a number of different palettes by setting each bulb to a particular colour that when grouped together create a specific aesthetic or mood.

Even simple light switch dimmers can contribute to the ambience of the room.



There are a number of different jet tubs available with various massage techniques for muscle relaxation, and stress-release.

Kohler’s Bubble Massage tubs include zones of control to target specific areas of the body. 

Neptune’s Mass-Air system creates the experience of floating on a gentle could of bubbles, while their Activ-Air system has a more intense full-body effect.

BainUltra’s Geysair tubs emulate the Earths’ natural geysers for a stimulating massage effect.

Hydrotherapy can also be found in the shower with the inclusion of various body sprays, and rain heads for an all-encompassing shower experience. 

Even waterfall faucets and tub fillers can illicit a calming feeling.

tub speaker.jpg

Sound therapy

Certain sound vibrations and frequencies can energize or calm your body and mind. 

Include a comfortable pair of wireless headphones or bluetooth speakers to help your mind focus and drown out distractions. Music can alter your emotions and states of mind. Waterproof speakers can allow you to place them directly in your shower or tub for total emersion.

The VibrAcoustic tub from Kohler is another great option for sound inclusion. Listen to a number of built-in compositions through the hidden speakers, or use their Bluetooth technology to sync your phone or other device for a personalized sound experience. 

The bathroom is not solely a place for hygiene, but a spa for mental and physical well-being.