Tech Stuff for your Bathroom and Kitchen

Have you ever wanted to listen to the news while on the toilet?

Check out some of this Tech Stuff to make your life easier, and turn your day-to-day into an experience

Touchless Faucet

touchless faucet 2.jpg

A faucet such as the Kohler Sensate kitchen faucet allows you to turn the faucet on and a wave with a wave of your hand - or pot or spatula. When your hands are full, or covered in something messy, you have quick and easy access to your faucet. Not having to put that thing your holding down, just to turn on the water, streamlines your cooking and baking experience. It also keeps your kitchen and faucet cleaner and contributes to a more hygienic environment.

The motion sensor is precise in noticing your movement, but also in recognizing when you are simply working in the faucet area and not intending to turn on the faucet, preventing false activations. The faucet’s temperature memory maintains the temperature set during prior usage, whenever the faucet is turned off and on. Keep your hands free and your actions seamless with a touches faucet.

Toilet Seat Air Freshener


Replace aerosols, toilet sprays and other odor masking solutions with a deodorizing toilet seat. A selection of scent cartridges are available, which fill your bathroom with a fresh, clean scent whenever the toilet is in use.

Digital Shower


Kohler’s DTV+ is a complete shower system controlled by a touchscreen, eliminating manual levers and knobs. This multi-sensory shower experience, includes light, sound and steam. It includes pre-programmed spa experiences based on hydrotherapies which target different body parts and involve different sequences and temperatures, controlling every shower component. Start your day with an energizing experience and end with a relaxing one. Your shower is more than just a place for cleanliness, it is an experience for your body and mind.

Tech-Intelligent Toilet

numi toilet.jpg

The Numi tech-intelligent toilet has a number of spa-like features and personal settings for a comfortable and tailored bathroom experience. It includes integrated Bluetooth speakers to keep up-to-date on news, enjoy a podcast, or relax with your favourite music playlist; all controlled with a convenient remote. The heated seat and foot warmer remove any chill, while a selection of eight ambient lights set the mood. The motion-activated seat cover keeps your hands clean and germ-free, while the self-cleaning wands keeps the toilet’s interior clean. The Numi provides a luxurious bathroom experience.

Shower Head Speaker

showerhead spekaer 3.jpg

The Moxie shower head with wireless speaker pairs with any enabled Bluetooth device for you to sing your heart out in the shower. The speaker pops out for recharging, and you can take it with you into any room to continue your morning karaoke.

Touchless Toilet & Kit

touchelss toilet.jpg

Not only are touchless toilets available for your home, but touchless toilet kits can enable you to transform your existing toilet into a touchless one. This is a cost-effective way to minimize the spread of germs without replacing your toilet.