A Family That Works Together Stays Together - The Benefits of Building a Family Home Office

Don’t Sacrifice Family Time for Work Time

With a space built for not only yourself but your spouse and children to work on on business, bills, homework, hobbies and art means work at home can be a shared experience, and more time together is never a bad thing.


Motivate and Inspire Each Other

Seeing others work encourages you to get started and to keep going. Discussing your projects in progress can spark ideas for 'other family members’ projects. Sometimes even the most dissimilar project can become relevant in some small way.



Sometimes a pair of fresh eyes is what is most needed. Having people around to ask quick questions, bounce ideas off of or solicit quick proofreads from can help you polish and improve your work.

Setting an Example

When your kids see you working and focusing, it can encourage them to complete their homework. Kids are always watching, even you think they’re not; they are absorbing your habits. If they see that you value hard work they will value it as well.

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What To Include

A HIGH TOP TABLE - This makes for a great desk to use both with bar-hight chairs or stools, or as a standing desk. Standing can improve circulation and alertness, and is generally better for your health than sitting. You can alternate between standing and sitting, or stand at the desk to complete quick tasks without a chair to pull you in for longer than is required.

LOTS OF STORAGE !! Storage for your kids’ stuff, storage for yours and your spouse’s stuff, office supplies, art supplies, printer supplies; everything you need should be right there, this way there’s no excuses for getting things done. Having everything organized and at your fingertips prevents procrastination. You can also consider not putting everything away. Leaving out the items used most often can encourage you to work on your project. Getting out all your materials can become just another excuse to justify putting off getting to work.


HEADPHONES - Even though working together is nice, sometimes outside noises can become distracting. Together in silence is still together. Sometimes one member needs to watch a video or listen to to an audio file but does not want to disturb the others. Headphones are a great way to work side by side without breaking each others’ concentration.

WINDOWS - The sun can be invigorating, keeping you energized and alert while working while also providing light.

What Not to Include

A TV! - TV’s are distracting and aren’t required to get down to business!


A Family office is more than just a space, it is a lifestyle; supporting and encouraging each other as a unit. It means getting more done and spending more time together.