Let There Be Light!

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White cabinetry and light countertops are often used for the fresh and airy qualities they bring to a kitchen. 

But what is fresher than fresh air itself?

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Expanding your window space from counter to ceiling, or even ceiling to floor provides an expansive feeling and an exceptional amount of light and fresh air.

With the possibilities available for custom cabinetry, the loss of cabinets in exchange for windows can easily be accounted for in the efficiency of modern cabinetry design. 

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Your connection to nature can become even greater with the inclusion of large sliding and collapsable doors. Unlike average sliding doors with several divisions and thick frames, these doors can create a seamless threshold between interior and exterior to maximize nature’s positive effects.

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Increasing the amount of exposure to daylight you receive brings a number of health benefits such as improved mood and increased vitamin D, which can help prevent depression and SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder). Keeping your mental health in check can in turn lead to improved physical health.

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Large doors and windows not only blur the lines between indoor and outdoor but create both the illusion of a larger room, as well as maximize all available space by encouraging use of outdoor patios and decks. With the removal of physical boundaries we can also remove mental boundaries, allowing greater freedom and possibility.

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How will you redefine your kitchen space? How will you bring the outdoors inside?